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Women do not understand the true power of the body if they are just wearing skimpy clothing to get attention. You have to have the right clothes, the right style, the right feel, the right attitude! A woman can look hot by covering more and revealing less!

Olivia took this picture while writing a blog entry at the pool this summer. Check it out @ http://sodontbuyin.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/blow-me/

Olivia took this picture while writing a blog entry at the pool this summer. Check it out @ http://sodontbuyin.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/blow-me/

At one point, I asked myself, “My God, is life an extended simile to teenage girls?”

Like a Simile

It is our obligation to change this status quo too, for future generations, and stop sexual assaults, date rape, everything. It is our obligation to rally around our friends, for better or worse, and protect one another and stand by one another.

“Find your bliss. Then, once you’ve found it, go after it.”

Yeah, I really don’t know who said this, but I feel as though it was some 16th-century philosophical/religiously enlightened. And quite frankly, every time I see this phrase, I want to tell Galileo or Socrates or Gandhi or Buddha to go screw themselves. Finding your bliss is hard. Finding your bliss is the grueling task of digging inside that delicate place in your vulnerable heart that contains your dreams. Finding your bliss as a female is even worse.

Bottom line, for the long-term relationship, for the long haul, the diamond ring on the finger, it’s not the Sex-Appeal that you want, and it is not the enthusiastic Friday night and the walk of shame the next Saturday morn, it is the enthusiasm carrying over to Saturday morning and all the others to follow, EVEN if the Friday night was not enthusiastic!

Girls, we’ve got too much going for us to worry about pregnancy or STDs. Let’s leave the bedroom and go outside, and let’s change the world. Then, once we’re happy, let’s show a child what their mommy did, and what they could do, too. It’s a legacy we all can achieve if we simply begin.

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